The Bridge – Acoustic

Acoustic Guitar BridgeAcoustic Bridge

The shape of an acoustic guitar bridge will vary according to its maker. The first key difference to point out is the way in which the strings are fitted to the guitar at the bridge. On a guitar, such as the author’s Lowden shown here, the strings are fed through holes in the body of the bridge itself and then over the ‘saddle’. The ring at the end of a string will secure it in place agianst the wood of the bridge.

Notice the the saddles can also vary between acoustic guitars. On the Lowden there are two saddles, one for the first 1st and 2nd string, another for the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th string. The idea of this to improve intonation that will affect the pitch of notes played along the length of the string.

The author’s guitar is fitted with a Fishman pickup beneath the saddles and finds that, when amplified, the output volume from the 1st and 2nd strings is fractionally lower than that from the other four strings. Having given the matter review and consideration by an able guitar tech, this is possibly because there is less pressure bearing down from the two thinner strings above.Acoustic Bridge

Bridge with Pegs

Another type of bridge uses pegs. Steel strings are passed into holes in both the bridge section and the body of the guitar and pegs are then inserted to hold them in place.

Acoustic Bridge Classical Guitar String

The nylon strings are fed through holes in the bridge and wrapped around to keep secure.