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A Guitar Guide  

Guitar primer provides information to help make informed choices when selecting and purchasing a guitar. It is written with the novice in mind though more experienced players may also find that it contains useful and interesting information.

For the beginner, there is quite a lot of information available from a variety of sources to help learn to play the guitar. Indeed, many tutors and tuition manuals concentrate their attention almost solely upon learning music theory - notes, scales, chords and their relationship, followed by steps to help practice and develop technique and ability.

Far less information is available to help choose a guitar, particularly when it may be your first purchase. This is where Guitar Primer comes in handy. It provides an overview of the most popular guitar types and their features with detail that is neither extensive nor conclusive yet sufficient to make a confident start.

Playing an instrument that feels right and which has an appealing sound, can have a very influential impact upon the player's progression, their enjoyment and their rate of success, particularly when taking those first, early steps. For most people, beginning to play the guitar can seem an arduous task; positioning fingers and changing chords can seem very difficult and slow at first, but with effort and practice, playing improves. If your guitar has been chosen well, the chances are you'll be happier playing it.

The aim of Guitar primer is to help you to become more informed about guitars and guitar choices if you are about to purchase or own one.

I hope you find your visit to this website useful in this regard

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